DBA stands for “Doing Business As” and can also be referred to as a trading name, trade name, or business name. A DBA provides a company the legal right to conduct its business under a name other than the registered/legal name of the business.

Benefits of DBA filing

It can be extremely beneficial to file for a DBA name. DBA filing can lead to increased credibility, simplify the process of opening financial accounts, help branding efforts, and can allow one to run several businesses under one legal entity.

Reasons for "DBA" filing?

"Doing business as" filing is often done because it is legally required; however, it is also sometimes required in order to set up a business bank account or as a means of expanding one's business.

Publication Requirements

Publication requirements vary from state to state. Certain states require that a public notice be put in a local newspaper when a business obtains a DBA. Details of such requirements and regulations depend on where you are located.

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