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Answer a few simple questions about your company.

We will take care of the paperwork and the filing of your documents
You will receive hard copies of your Trademark package via mail.
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What is a Trademark

Trademarks are used to differentiate the goods of one manufacturer from another. Essentially, what a trademark is, is a brand name which allows a business to establish the reputation of its products without needing to worry about someone else’s inferior product tarnishing their products reputation. A trademark can be a logo, a symbol, a name and/or anything which allows someone to distinguish your company’s products from any other company’s products.


Having a federally registered trademark on the USPTO’s principal register can be very beneficial to your company. Benefits include getting a legal presumption of ownership and exclusive rights to use the trademark across the country in connection with your goods/services. You will also be able to file a federal law suit against anyone who infringe on your mark.

What Can/Can’t Be Trademarked

Names, such as company names or a line of products, logos or designs used to create brand recognition and slogans or other phrases used in connection with your brand can all be trademarked. Things that cannot be trademarked include creative works (books, songs, etc.), inventions, or simply ideas; however, these can be protected by things like copyrights and/or patents.

International Trademarks

It can also be important to protect your brand internationally and this can be done with an international trademark. The international treaty, known as the Madrid Protocol, allows one to file for an international trade mark and obtain trademark protection across the World. One must have a trademark application filed with the USPTO or have a trademark registered with the USPTO to be eligible to apply for international trademark. Applying for an international trademark can be a tough process, but we can make it simple for you.

Trademark Search

Doing trademark searches is a vital step in the process of registering a trademark and is also very important for those who already have trademarks registered. By doing so one can avoid getting into what are known as trademark conflicts.

Trademark Monitoring

As a trademark owner it is important to monitor people’s use of marks similar to yours because the USPTO is not responsible for doing so and if you do not do so yourself someone may end up registering a trademark that you believe is too similar to yours. Let us help you to do this monitoring so you can prevent people from registering marks that resemble yours.
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